Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Portrait of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow was an American poet and educator and was one of the fireside poets from New England. He was born in Portland, USA on 27th February 1807 and died in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA on 24th March 1882 aged 75.

Major Works

“Poems on Slavery” (1842)
“The Song of Hiawatha” (1855)
“Paul Revere’s Ride” (1863)
“Christmas Bells” (1864)

Biography Timeline

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow is born on 27th February in Portland Oregon, USA and was educated at the Portland Academy and Bowdoin College in Brunswick.

1820: He publishes his first poem “The Battle of Lovell’s Pond in the local newspaper the Portland Gazette.

1825: He graduates from Bowdoin College.

1826: He goes on a study tour of Europe.

1829: He becomes a teacher at Bowdoin College.

1831: He marries Mary Potter.

1835: “Outre Mer” is published. Longfellow returns to Europe with some friends but Mary sadly dies in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

1836: He meets Frances Appleton. He returns Cambridge Massachusetts to become a professor at Harvard.

1839: “Voices of the Night” and “Hyperion” are published by Longfellow.

1843: He marries Fanny Appleton.

1844: Their first child Charles is born, the first of their six children.

1847: He publishes “Evangeline: A Tale of Acadie”.

1854: He retires from teaching.

1855: He publishes “The Song of Hiawatha”.

1861: His wife Fanny dies.

1863: He publishes “Tales of a Wayside Inn”

1867: He publishes his translation of Dante’s “Divine Comedy”.

1868: He has an audience with Queen Victoria at Windsor Castle, Windsor, England on 4th July. She described him in her diaries as “a fine looking, intelligent and pleasing old man”.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow died from peritonitis on 24th March 1882 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He is buried with both of his wives at Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge.

Further Information

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