Romantic Architects

Romanticism in architecture covers a large part of the eighteenth and nineteenth century in many parts of the world and can be seen as a revivalist movement often harking back to a style or styles from the past which were seen as heroic or exotic. Often elaborate in scale they aim to portray a sense of wonder or power.

People in this field will include:

Paul Abadie: (1812-1884) French architect and building restorer. See his full page here.

Charles Barry: (1795-1860) British architect, best known for his role in the rebuilding of the Palace of Westminster in London, England See his full page here.

Jean-Louis Charles Garnier: (1825-1898) French architect. See his full page here.

John Nash: (1752-1835) British architect. See his full page here.

Augustus Pugin: (1812-1852) English architect, designer, artist and critic. See his full page here.

Eduard Riedel: (1813-1885) German architect, lecturer and government building official. See his full page here