Charlotte Bronte

Portrait of Charlotte Bronte

Charlotte Bronte was an English novelist and poet, the eldest of the Brontë sisters. She was born in Thornton, Yorkshire, England on 21st April 1816 and died in Howarth, Yorkshire on 31st March 1855 aged 38.

“Jane Eyre” (1847)
“Shirley” (1849)
“Villette” (1853)
“The Professor” (Published 1857)

Biography Timeline

Charlotte Bronte was born on 21st April 1816 at The Vicarage, 74 Market Street, Thornton, Yorkshire, England. She was the daughter of a Cleric, Patrick Bronte and sister to Branwell, Emily and Anne. She was educated at the Clergy Daughter’s School in Cowan Bridge and at Miss Wooler’s School, Roe Head.

1820: The Bronte family move to the Parsonage at Haworth in April where Patrick is perpetual Curate.

1829: She takes up writing about her fantasy world of Glasstown and Angria. 

1835: She goes to Roe Head School as a teacher but resigns in 1838.

1842: She goes to Brussels with Emily in February to study at the Pensionat Heger. Death of her Aunt Elizabeth in November and they return home.

1843: She returns to Brussels to teach English and to further her own studies.

1846: “Poems by Currer, Ellis and Acton Bell” (The sister’s pseudonyms) is published in May with the family paying the costs. She offers the novel “The Professor” for publication without success. In August she begins writing “Jane Eyre”.

1847: “Jane Eyre” is published in October and is highly acclaimed. 

1848: Branwell dies from consumption on 24th September and Emily of the same disease on 19th December.

1849: Anne also dies from consumption on 28th May. The novel “Shirley” is published in October.

1852: She visits Anne’s grave and realises there are several mistakes on the tombstone which she has corrected.

1853: Publication of the novel “Villette.

1854: She marries Arthur Bell Nicholls, her father’s curate, despite her father’s objections on 29th June.

Charlotte Brontë died at Howarth on 31st March 1855 due to complications with her pregnancy and is buried in the nearby churchyard.

Further Information

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