Wincenty Pol

Portrait of Wincenty Pol

Wincenty Pol was a Polish poet and geographer. He was born in Lublin, Poland on 20th April 1807 and died in Krakow, Poland on 2nd December 1872 aged 65.

Major Works

“Songs of Janusz” (1836)
“Pieśń o ziemi naszej” (Song of our Land) (1843) 
“Obrazy z życia i podróży
” (Pictures of Life and Travel) (1846)
Mohort” (1865)

Biography Timeline

Wincenty Ferrerius Jakub Pol (pen name “Janusz”) was born on 20th April 1807 in Lublin, Poland (then Galicia). His father was Franz Pohl (or Poll), a German in the Austrian government service. His mother was Eleonora Longchamps de Berier, who was from a French family living in Poland. He grew up and was educated in Lviv. He teaches German at the University of Vilnius but gets known for his anti-Tsarist agitation and, although defended by some of the professors, he has to leave and goes into exile in France.

1830: He fights in the Polish army in during the November Uprising (also known as the Polish-Russian War). He is captured and sent to a prison in Konigsberg (now Kaliningrad, Russia).

1835: He writes “Songs about our Land” a poetic description of the Poland’s regions. 

1836: He writes “Songs of Janusz” which later inspires Frederic Chopin to write Polish songs.

1843: He publishes the poem “Pieśń o Ziemi Naszej” (Songs of our Land). 

1846: He writes “Obrazy z Zycia i Podróży” (Pictures of Life and Travel).

1848: He is active during the 1848 Revolution. 

1849: Despite having no formal qualifications in geography he is appointed a professor at the Jagiellonian University in Krakov in their first Chair of Geography.

1855: He publishes the poem “Mohort” about the era of the Polish King Stanislaw August Poniatowski.

1866: He publishes “The Song of Our Home” in Lviv which contains descriptions of holidays, rituals and Polish customs. 

Wincenty Pol died on 2nd December 1872 in Kraków. He was buried at the Rakowicki Cemetery, and later his ashes were moved to a sarcophagus in the Crypt of the Meritorious on Skałka.

Further Information

List of works by Pol.

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