Per Daniel Amadeus Atterbom

Portrait of Per Daniel Amadeus Atterbom

Per Daniel Amadeus Atterbom was a Swedish poet and professor. He was born on 19th January 1790 in Palsbo, Asbo, Sweden and died on 21st July 1855 in Stockholm, Sweden aged 65.

Major Works

Blommorna” (The Flowers”) (1812) 
Lycksalighetens ö” (The Island of Bliss) (1824–27)
“Svenska siare och Skalder” (Swedish Prophets and Poets) (1841-55)

Biography Timeline

Per Daniel Amadeus Atterbom was born on 19th January 1790 in Åsbo, Ostergotland, Sweden. He was son of country parson.

1805: He begins his studies at the University of Uppsala in Sweden.

1807: He lives in Valvgatan in Uppsala and starts the Musis Amici artistic society with some friends. Their first journal “Polyfem” does not last long.

1808: The society is renamed “Auroraförbundet” (Aurora Federation). 

1810: He edits the society’s new journal “Fosforos” (Phosphorous) which s published for the next three years. It consists mainly of poetry and essays about aesthetics and discussed the new German school of Romantics.

1812: He publishes “Blommorna” (The Flowers), a poem cycle talking about eternal life after death, influenced by the works of Novalis. Some members of the Aurora League set up the “Poetisk Kalender” which continues until 1822.

1813: He begins work on the fairy tale Fågel Blå” (Blue Bird) which remains unfinished a year later.

1815: He finishes his studies at Uppsala University. Some of the group’s poems appear in the new journal “SvenskLitteraturtidning” (Swedish Literary News) which continues to be published until 1824.

1823: He writes the romantic fairytale drama “Lycksalighetens Ö” (The Island of the Bliss) which concerns the fictional King Astolf, abandoning his northern kingdom for temptations of sensual beauty.

1824: Lycksalighetens Ö” is published in several parts.

1828: He is appointed professor of philosophy at the University of Uppsala. 

1835: He becomes professor of aesthetics and literature at the university.

1839: He is admitted to the Swedish Academy. The Academy was founded by King Gustave the Third in 1786 and consists of eighteen members who are appointed for life.

1841: He publishes the book “Svenska Siare och Skalder” (Swedish Prophets and Poets) in six instalments (until 1855). It establishes his reputation as Sweden’s first great literary historian. It shows a critical appreciation for works and writers up to the classical period which he had previously violently criticised in his youth.

1854: His complete works are collected together and published in the first of thirteen volumes (until 1870).

Per Daniel Amadeus Atterbom died on 21st July 1855 in Stockholm, Sweden. He was buried in Uppsala old cemetery, Uppsala, Sweden.

Further Information

Examples of poetry by Atterbom.