Samuel Colman

Portrait of Samuel Colman

Samuel Colman was an American painter, interior designer, and writer, particularly known for his paintings of the Hudson River. He was born on 4th March 1832 in Portland, Maine, USA and died on 26th March 1920 in New York City, USA aged 87.

Major Works

“Storm King on the Hudson” (1866).
Late November in a Santa Barbara Cañon, California” (1888).
On the Viga, Outskirts of the City of Mexico” (1892).

Biography Timeline

Samuel Colman was born on 4th March 1832 in Portland, Maine, United Staes of America. His father was a bookseller, publisher, and dealer in fine engravings when the family moved to New York City when he was a child.

1850: He decides to become an artist when he studies under Asher Durand of the Hudson River School in New York.

1851: He has his first exhibited painting at the National Academy of Design. 

1853: He opens a studio in New York City.

1854: He is elected as an Associate Member of the National Academy and exhibits at the Boston Athenaeum.

1855: He begins the first of his many travels abroad.

1856: He paints “Meadows and Wildflowers at Conway”.

1860: He visits Paris, Rome, Granada, Seville, Madrid and Tangiers over the next two years and studies in Spain, Italy, France, and England.

1862: He is elected a full member of the National Academy of Design. He lives in Irvington, New York where he paints the surrounding countryside. Louis Comfort Tiffany studies with him at his house and they collaborate on future glass panels.

1866: He is a founder member and first president of the American Society of Painters in Water Colors with James D. Smillie. He paints one of his best-known works “Storm King on the Hudson”.

1870: He begins an exhaustive journey through the American West including California.

1871: He travels again to Europe visiting Italy, France, Holland and then goes on to North Africa visiting Egypt, Morocco and Algeria over the next five years.  

1877: Back in the United States he becomes a founder member of the Society of American Artists. 

1880: He holds an exhibition of his porcelain collection and establishes himself as an interior designer and expert on oriental art.

1878: He exhibits at the Paris Exhibition and is an early member of the New York Etching Club.

1881: He exhibits work in an exhibition of American Etchers at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts and also in a gallery in London, England.

1882: He has a new home built for his family in Newport, Rhode Island and designs the stained-glass windows himself.

1904: He embarks on another travel around Europe. 

1912: He publishes the theoretical book “Nature’s Harmonic Unity”. 

1920: He publishes “Proportional Form”.

Samuel Colman died on 26th March in New York City, USA. He was buried at Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx, New York.

Further Information

Examples of paintings by Colman.