Junqueira Freire

Portrait of Junqueira Freire

Junqueira Freire was a Brazilian poet and Benedictine monk of the “Ultra-Romanticism” school. He was born in Salvador, Brazil on 31st December 1832 and died there on 24th June 1855 aged 22.

Major Works

“Autobiografia” (1854)
“Inspirações do Claustro” (Cloister Inspirations) (1855)

Biography Timeline

Junqueira Freire

Luís José Junqueira Freire was born on 31st December 1832 in Salvador, in the state of Bahia, Brazil. His father was José Vicente de Sá Freire and his mother was Felicidade Augusta Junqueira. He had one sister and his mother asked for a divorce due to abuse from her husband. He was educated at home by a private tutor due to his heart condition.

1849: He moves to the Provincial Lyceum school where he studies Rational and Moral Philosophy and Latin with Friar Arsenio da Natividade.

1852: He joins the Order of Saint Benedict in the São Bento monastery, in Salvador, probably due to the financial straits his family is in. His mother takes in washing to survive. He becomes known as Frei Luís de Santa Escolástica Junqueira Freire and as an unhappy person liked to isolate himself from society. He reads and writes poetry and serves as a teacher.

1853: He writes texts and teaches philosophy, Theology and History, however he is still unhappy and asks to return to the secular world.

1854: He is finally released from the monastery and goes home to his mother to write his autobiography.

1855: He works on his first book to be published, the poetry anthology “Inspirações do Claustro” (Inspirations from the Cloister) about his time in the Monastery. It is a philosophical work chiefly concerned with death, religion and solitude.

Junqueira Freire sadly died on 24th June 1855, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil of his heart condition before the book was published. He was buried in the São Bento monastery. “Elements of National Rhetoric” and “Works” were published posthumously in 1869 and 1944 respectively.

Further Information

List of works by Freire.

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