Joaquim Manuel de Macedo 

Portrait of Joaquim Manuel de Macedo

Joaquim Manuel de Macedo was the first Brazilian novelist and a doctor, teacher, poet, playwright and journalist. He was born on 24th June 1820 in Itaborai, Brazil and died on 11th April 1882 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil aged 61.

Major Works

“A Moreninha” (The Moreninha) (1844)
“Rosa” (1849)
A Carteira do Meu Tio” (My Uncle’s Wallet) (1855)
“A Luneta Magica” (The Magic Telescope) (1869)

Biography Timeline

Joaquim Manuel de Macedo was born on 24th June 1820 in Itaborai, Brazil. His father was Severino de Macedo Carvalho and his mother was Benigna Catarina da Conceição and was educated there.

1844: He graduates as a medical doctor and takes a job in a practice in the state of Rio de Janeiro, He publishes the novel “A Moreninha” (The Moreninha).

1845: He publishes the novel “O Moco Loiro” (The Blonde Moco) and the play “O Cego” (The Blind Man).

1848: He publishes the novel “Os Dois Amores” (The Two Loves).

1849: He abandons medicine and returns to Rio city to become a teacher at the Colegio Pedro the Second where he specialises in history and geography. He publishes the tragic play “Cobé” and the novel “Rosa”. Later he also becomes a tutor to the Brazilian Imperial family and teaches Princess Isabel’s children. He marries Maria Catarina de Abreu Sodré, a cousin of poet Alvares de Azevedo. He also gets involved in politics becoming both a provincial and general deputy in the government.

1853: He publishes the novel “Vicentina”.

1855: He publishes the novel “O Forasteiro” (The Outsider) and the political satire “A Carteira do Meu Tio” (My Uncle’s Wallet).

1856: He publishes the comedyO Fantasma Branco” (The White Ghost).

1857: He is a founder of the magazine “Guanabara” with Manuel de Araujo Porot-Alegre and Goncalves Dias and publishes his long poem “A Nebulosa” (The Nebula) in it. 

1858: He publishes the comedyO Primo da Califórnia” (California’s Cousin).

1860: He publishes the comedyLuxo e Vaidade” (Luxury and Vanity).

1861: He publishes the novel “Os Romances da Semana” (The Romances of the Week).

1863: He publishes the tragedy“Lusbela” and the comedy “A Torre em Concurso”. (The Tower in Competition).

1869: He publishes the novels “Rio do Quarto”. “A Luneta Magica” (The Magic Telescope) and “As Vitimas-Algozes” (The Victims-Executioners).

1871: He publishes the novel “As Mulheres de Manttilha” (The Women of Mantilha).

1873: He publishes the comedy “Cincinato Quebra-Louças”.

1876: He publishes “Ano Biográfico Brasileiro” (Brazilian Biographical Year).

1878: During his last years of life, he suffers bouts of mental illness which seriously affect his health. He publishes “Mulheres Célebres” (Celebrity Women).

Joaquim Manuel de Macedo died on 11th April 1882 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.